[Avocado-devel] Avocado release 79.0: La vita è bella

Cleber Rosa crosa at redhat.com
Tue May 12 02:11:55 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

This is yet another Avocado release announcement: 79.0 is now available!

This release contains mainly internal changes in preparation for the
N(ext)Runner architecture to replace the current one.

It’s expected that an LTS release will be done within the next two or
three releases, before the switch the current runner architecture is
deprecated and removed.

Release Notes

Since we host the release notes alongside our official documentation,
please refer to the following link for the complete information about
this release:


Installing Avocado

Instructions are available in our documentation on how to install
either with packages or from source:


Updated RPM packages are available for Fedora 31 and 32 and EL 8
(Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, etc) for Python 3 only.
If you require Python 2 support, the 69.0 LTS series (currently
at version 69.2) should be used.

Also, updated Python source and binary packages are available on PyPI:



We also provide convenience packages for Avocado-VT.  Packages are
offered for Python 2 (to be used with previous Avocado versions, such
as the LTS ones) and Python 3 on Fedora 31 and 32.

Also, updated Python source and binary packages are available on PyPI:


Happy hacking and testing!

Cleber Rosa
[ Sr Software Engineer - Virtualization Team - Red Hat ]
[ Avocado Test Framework - avocado-framework.github.io ]
[  7ABB 96EB 8B46 B94D 5E0F  E9BB 657E 8D33 A5F2 09F3  ]
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