brltty 3.5 pre2 and tieman voyager 44

Dietmar Segbert dietmarsegbert at
Mon Apr 5 17:11:00 UTC 2004


i have tryedto start brllty again.
insmod usbcore
insmod usb-uhci
brltty -f /etc/brltty-vo-35.conf (i have created a config for the vo)

And brltty runs. But only if the voyager ist connected directly to usb. If  
i connect the braille display via the "plux-box", so that i can can  
select, that the voyager works as combibraille, which is connect to a  
serial port or as voyager via usb (the plus-box is connect to usb and a  
serial port).
for a good year i have become a patch for an brlvger-module for the 2.2.25  
kernel. This kernel (2.2.25) works with brltty 3.4.x direct with the plus- 
box, so i can run brltty two times brlltty -b cb and brltty -b vo and  
switch between a key-combination of the brailledisplay-keys.
But that did noc work with kernel 2.4.20.


> [quoted lines by Krister Ekstrom on 2004/04/04 at 12:10 +0200]
> >Try the following:
> >brltty -bvo -dusb:
> >The colon is important for some reason.
> Yes, the colon is important. Without it, brltty will think you mean

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