Fedora Core installer...?

David Renström david.renstrom at skelleftea.mail.telia.com
Mon Apr 12 16:12:03 UTC 2004

Hi Dave!

Nope, the other Vario driver didn't work at all. It didn't even start up. 
Maybe it's because I've got a bad cable. I don't know.

No, turning off and on the display doesn't work (tried that the first 
time). It actually looks like as if the BRLTTY daemon is actually killed by 
Anaconda. Is there no way of preventing it from probing for mice on the 
serial ports?

/David R.
At 11:35 2004-04-12 -0400, you wrote:
>[quoted lines by David Renström on 2004/04/12 at 16:38 +0200]
> >I've been trying to install Fedora Core 1 using my Braille Voyager display
> >and BRLTTY. But, I never get past the last installation step, i.e. all
> >packages seem to be installed, but there's no boot loader installed because
> >the installation experiences an "unhandled exception".
>I've heard from someone else that this problem was tracked down to Anaconda
>complaining that the USB port is busy, but have yet to personally pursue it.
>One of my problems in doing so is that I don't have a spare system to install.
> >So, I think that
> >maybe I could try using my Vario (Rabbit) 40 display instead (using the VH
> >braille driver). Nope, the BRLTTY daemon seems to die when the Anaconda
> >installer is probing for monitor, etc.
>The serial port probing for the mouse is undoubtedly confusing your display,
>i.e. getting it out of sync with the driver. You could try turning it off and
>on to see if that's enough to recover the communication. You could also try
>putting your Vario into mode 1 and using the va driver.
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