[links2] new package with TAB support

Jois dupalle at screentiful.it
Thu Apr 15 08:03:32 UTC 2004

Hi Krister, I suppose that now, with ctrl+t and ctrl+y, it works with 
frames too.
It was me telling the developer that it's quite useless to think about 
blind people always disabling frames, as in most web sites the layout is 
made by frames and tables.
But I did not test it yet!
Well, the wonderful thing of this new feature is that you can disable it 
whenever you want and enable it when you need particular things (for 
example searching a string in a page, or reading a long text).
Unfortunately these 2-3 days I had not much time to test, I think today or 
tomorrow evening I'll perform a complete test in several web sites, even 
complex sites, as Web accessibility is my job.
I hope I feel better now, I am quite tired these days when I leave the office.

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