Gentoo + Voyager

Dave Mielke dave at
Fri Apr 16 03:45:46 UTC 2004

[quoted lines by David Renström on 2004/04/16 at 01:28 +0200]

>I've now been trying for several hours to get my Braille Voyager 
>to work 

Which release of BRLTTY are you using. I recommend you use 3.5pre3 as that
should eliminate all usb device problems. Just make sure that usb is configured
into your kernel and that the correct usb-controller alias is in your
modules.conf file. Also, if you want things to work as standardly as possible
then mount the usbfs file system under /proc/bus/usb. Note that, in 3.5pre3,
you specify "usb:" (the trailing colon is important) rather than "brlvger" as
the device.

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