UTF-8 to UTF-32 Conversion

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Sat Apr 17 14:55:24 UTC 2004

[quoted lines by John J. Boyer on 2004/04/17 at 09:13 -0500]

>For one of my projects I need to convert UTF-8 to ?UTF-32. However, I 
>can't find information on which bits are set in the various bytes of a 
>multi-byte UTI-8 character. 

0X00 through 0X7F are literal, i.e. single-byte characters.

If bit 7 is set and bit 6 is clear, i.e. the range 0X80 through 0XBF, it's a
continuation byte containing six more bits. The first byte of a multi-byte
character is never within this range.

If bits 7 and 6 are set but bit 5 isn't, i.e. the range 0XC0 through 0XDF, then
it's the first 5 bits of a two-byte character. The resultant value is an 
11-bit character in the range 0 through 0X7FF.

Each time the first clear bit is moved one position to the right the length of
the multi-byte character increases by one byte and the number of leading bits
in the first byte decreases by 1. Every non-leading byte, as mentioned above,
has bit 7 set and bit 6 clear, i.e. is within the range 0X80 through 0XBF, and
appends six bits to the value. Here's a table to illustrate:

   First   RangeOf   NumOf  Init  Totl  MaxUnicode
   0-Bit  FirstByte  Bytes  Bits  Bits  Character
     7    0X00 0X7F    1      7     7   0X0000007F
     5    0XC0 0XDF    2      5    11   0X000007FF
     4    0XE0 0XEF    3      4    16   0X0000FFFF
     3    0XF0 0XF7    4      3    21   0X001FFFFF
     2    0XF8 0XFB    5      2    26   0X03FFFFFF
     1    0XFC 0XFD    6      1    31   0X7FFFFFFF

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