David Renström david.renstrom at
Wed Apr 21 08:38:07 UTC 2004


I'm trying to access my ICQ account using CenterICQ. It doesn't work very 
well though. I'm able to see the contact list, but how do I send an event 
to someone? I've tried every possible key combination (logical and 
unlogical), but nothing seems to happen. Oh yes, I'm able to search... By 
the way, what does the '#' sign mean when placed in front of a contact? It 
seems like it means that a message has been received from that contact, but 
why doesn't it appear in the right window?

I found a readme on the net, but I didn't find much about these problems. 
Why are there no texinfo or man pages for this app?

Thanks in advance.

/David R.

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