Splitting audio tracks

Jos Lemmens jos at jlemmens.nl
Fri Dec 24 10:13:10 UTC 2004

Hi Cheryl,

I've written a litle tool myself. It's called cdrsplit and you can
find it here:


First you make a .cdr file of your audiotrack by using sox:

   sox audio.wav audio.cdr

Then with cdrsplit you can start the file at a certain point:

   cdrsplit audio.cdr -s 5.78

If you're sattisfied, you give the same command and add a filename
to which the second part will go:

   cdrsplit audio.cdr -s 7.3 audio_2.cdr

audio.cdr contains the the first 7.3 seconds of the original and
audio_2.cdr the remaining.

The -s option gives the startpoint from the biginning of the file,
but you can also use the -e option to start from the end.
The -t option prints the length of the file:

   cdrsplit -t audio.cdr

Now you can convert the two files into .mp3, .ogg, .wav using sox.
With sox you can add effects to the files like:

   avg band bandpass bandreject chorus compand copy dcshift deemph
   earwax echo echos fade filter flanger highp highpass lowp lowpass
   map mask pan phaser pitch polyphase rate resample reverb reverse
   silence speed stat stretch swap synth trim vibro vol


On Fri, Dec 24, 2004 at 01:54:35AM -0600, Cheryl Homiak wrote:
> Has anybody found a good solution for splitting audio tracks, or has
> anybody found a way to navigate gramofile successfully?
> Here are the options i know of:
> 1. Use soundgrab. This works but you have to jump around to find where
> tracks end--not automated.
> 2. Use gramofile to find tracks and then use those times in
> soundgrab--works a little better.
> 3. Use gramofile completely. seems like the most automated approach to me
> but I can't seem to do it. i can usually do the menu item for locating
> tracks successfully but get lost when I try to use the "processing the
> signal" option. I'll go all the way through thinking i have the "split
> into tracks" option checked and then suddenly find I'm being asked for a
> destination file. I think this can't be right as the track-splitting would
> result in several files. so around I go again. I also haven't really
> figured out how to choose the various filter options. I am using braille
> and can also use speech but while you can tell a lot by looking at the
> whole screen and especially the bottom, I still find it quite problematic.
> If anybody has figured this all out, I'd appreciate your input.
> 4. another option for track splitting? I don't know of one but would be
> interested if there's a program which can be followed better with braille
> and/or speech.
> Thanks.
> --
> Cheryl
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