Scott Berry scott at
Thu Feb 26 03:50:36 UTC 2004

Well the major part is trying to remember all the commands needed to
use.  I tend to forget one command or the other and I looked at the
howto and I was a bit intimidated as it looked like to many commands to
learn at once and I do a lot of cd recording and need something which is
fauirly easy to use which cdw is.  In fact, if you want to look at this
program to see what I means go to http:/// and you
will see why it is so much easier as cdw is menu driven and you may use
cdrecord commands as needed but as a default it is required.

On Wed, 25 Feb
2004, Jude DaShiell wrote:

> Scott, what's biting on you with cdrecord?  I managed to get that going
> awhile ago so might be able to help.  Thing is some people who reorganized
> my apartment threw away all of my brailled linux notes.  I found
> information on the web that helped me get an off-brand drive writing.
> Searching on cdrecord howto and reading the link that has guitarlin as
> part of its name sho8uld help quickly if your drive will work at all.
> It's about two pages of notes at the most.
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