Looking for a Programming Project which would really benefit blind people

Andor Demarteau ademarte at students.cs.uu.nl
Thu Feb 26 09:51:03 UTC 2004

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004, John J. Boyer wrote:

 > Hello,

 > I'm blind myself, and I'm hapiest when I have a good programming project.
 > So I'm looking for suggestions for programs that would really benefit
 > blind people. I think a text-mode program, possibly using the curses
 > library, would be most appropriate. I've tested Gnome and Gnopernicus, but
 > they really aren't ready for normal use by blind persons, at least not for
 > those who use braille displays.
All the more reason to help the Gnome accessiblity team IMHO.
However teh Links development team may need some help as well.
There browser has nwo limited nice working javascript-support, extending
that may be very helpfull.
see: http://atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~clock/twibright/links/

 > On a related subject, I really can't see any inherent advantage to a GUI
 > unless you can actually SEE the screen. All the usability features can be
 > implemented in text mode.
not really, I would be very glad if I can use some graphicla stuff.
i.e. staroffice/openoffice.org would be a real benifit.
Okay you can i.e. read excel/word fiels in text,ode, but not edit them
So, gui-stuff can in cases like this (and cases where there simply ain't
console tools available or not much joice like the jabber-clients)
certainly make a differance.
Maybe sometime you could even run a windoz-program stable form wine or
vmwave under gnome (i.e. electronic bankingsoftware users would benifit).

 > Thanks,

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