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Andor Demarteau ademarte at students.cs.uu.nl
Thu Feb 26 10:13:32 UTC 2004

On Thu, 26 Feb 2004, Fredrik Larsson wrote:

 > Hi all!
 > Instead of making three browser, one having some Javascripts, why not
 > write a proxy server that provides everything. Personally, I think that
 > cookies should have been implemented in a proxy server so that all
 > browsers could have shared cookies, the same with web caches that also is one
 > in each browser.
you DON'T want that! It's a major security risk cause sometimes userid's
passwords or session-keys are stored in cookies.
You don't wnat shared cookies for precisely this reason.

 > I guess that some Javscript constructions must be
 > implemented in a browser and cannot be implemented as pure translation of
 > HTML, but many things can in fact be done by HTML translation. This is
 > what we all do when we read source code to get around onclick scripts etc.
true and the rest could probably be translated to php-code.
You need however a server that is more a webserver/proxy that translations
the javascript to html/php code.
Any dynamic menu's can be used this way as well.
However, this is a big thing and I'm not entirely sure it's at all
100% compattiblity will never be reached cause too much things change
directly depending on user-changes in i.e. forms or are dynamically

 > This local proxy could then be used with any browser.
 > Talking about command-line tools to play wma and realaudio, use mplayer.
 > It works fine provided that you install all Windows codecs that are
 > available.
indeed so, mplayer rocks!

 > Fredrik
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