Sergey Fleytin fleytin at
Thu Feb 26 16:26:59 UTC 2004

Hi all! I am happy to come back on the list.

>>>>> "SB" == Scott Berry <scott at> writes:

SB> Well the major part is trying to remember all the commands needed
SB> to use. I tend to forget one command or the other and I looked at
SB> the howto and I was a bit intimidated as it looked like to many
SB> commands to learn at once and I do a lot of cd recording and need
SB> something which is fauirly easy to use which cdw is. 

Have a look at cddoit. This frontend is written entirely in bash and
is very cool for the beginners. Since it is written in bash, you can
easily customize it later to suite your needs.

With best regards,


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