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Dan Rossi dr25 at
Thu Jul 1 21:06:04 UTC 2004

Hi folks,

I am pretty new to Linux but have worked on UNIX, mainly Solaris for a
number of years.  I've just gotten an Elba and am poking around in it with
grand thoughts of customizing it.  But, I want to be damn careful before I
actually do anything.

I want to get rid of their cute little control center as my first act of
destruction .. uh .. customization.  I see in /etc/inittab the line that
begins the concen program.  I want to comment that out, but need to know
how to be sure then that the machine will at least boot to a login prompt.

Can I just slip in a getty line in place of the concen line?

Also, I do not know for sure what distro of Linux this puppy is running.
I thought I read somewhere that it was Debian but I'm not so sure now.
I'm not exactly sure how to figure it out, but I noticed some differences
in the directory structure under /etc from what some of the debian stuff
I've read.  For instance, there isn't a /etc/init.d but a /etc/rc/init.d
and all the rc.*.d directories are also under /etc/rc.

Well, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Blue skies.
Dan Rossi
Carnegie Mellon University.
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