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On Jul 01 2004  5:06 PM, Dan Rossi wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I am pretty new to Linux but have worked on UNIX, mainly Solaris for a
> number of years.  I've just gotten an Elba and am poking around in it with
> grand thoughts of customizing it.  But, I want to be damn careful before I
> actually do anything.
> I want to get rid of their cute little control center as my first act of
> destruction .. uh .. customization.  I see in /etc/inittab the line that
> begins the concen program.  I want to comment that out, but need to know
> how to be sure then that the machine will at least boot to a login prompt.
> Can I just slip in a getty line in place of the concen line?
> Also, I do not know for sure what distro of Linux this puppy is running.
> I thought I read somewhere that it was Debian but I'm not so sure now.
> I'm not exactly sure how to figure it out, but I noticed some differences
> in the directory structure under /etc from what some of the debian stuff
> I've read.  For instance, there isn't a /etc/init.d but a /etc/rc/init.d
> and all the rc.*.d directories are also under /etc/rc.

- From my poking around on my elba I found references to Debian 2.2. I
think it is a very hacked up version of debian and IIRC the kernel has
some modifications from the standard. I may be wrong on that.

I can't remember the urls for them right now, but you will probably want
the elba development kit and the extensions to it by John covici. The dk
is available at the papenmeyer site and Johns stuff is on the ftp site. To use these you will need either a pcmcia
hard drive or figure out how to get elba to access an nfs share
containing the of the images. I got this working sometimes, but with the
slow processor and working over a 10mbps network compiling anything is
pretty painful. 

> Well, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Well I hope my ramblings have been helpful. Just make sure to keep a
backup copy of the firmware around in case you need to reinstall it and
then you should be able to break... er um customize all you want.

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