msn and centericq

Andor Demarteau ademarte at
Mon Jul 26 08:07:12 UTC 2004

yes, but I've noticed it switches either automatigically.
Not sure how or what happens exactly.
You'd better drop a note to the person who write imcom, he most of the
time responds within a short time.
On Fri, 23 Jul 2004, Jois wrote:

 > Hi, I have a problem about Multi-conferencing chat
 > I use imcom with MSN transport and when someone invites me to a chat (using
 > MSN client) with more than one person, it tells me the user has invited you
 > to this room, join this room to swith into group chat mode, or something
 > similar; in windows it's the same but I have a button called accept.
 > how do I behave in Linux? Someone has experienced this?
 > And with pebrot, is it possible to swith in multi-chat?

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