gnome and gnopernicus

Kenny Hitt kenny at
Wed Mar 3 05:40:20 UTC 2004

On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 10:16:01AM +0200, Rafi Cohen wrote:
> Thank you very much, Nigel. I indeed checked this and I'm willing to try
> and for sure will be glad to share my experience with the list.
> However, one question I have is, if I install the gui environment may I
> still have access to the text-based Linuxx? This may sound a basic
> question, but since I'm not aware of the "look and feel" of the gui
> environment in Linux, I ask this. Besides, I have to keep on working on my
> project and not mess things just for the adventure of experience.
Hi.  You can install the GUI without causing problems with your text
console access.  The GUI session will be on a virtual console.  You will
need to use control alt function key to switch to a text console from
the GUI session.  For example, to get to virtual console 1 use

Hope this helps.

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