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Mon Mar 29 09:49:24 UTC 2004

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Hi  blinux-list,

  First off, a short introduction: My name is Krister Ekström and i
  live in Sweden. I've been here before when i was thinking about
  getting Linux. At that time, i didn't get it, but now i have one
  computer with Fedora and one with Debian Sarge on it. I have a
  question to the list: Being a curious guy, i desided to test Speakup
  and Emacspeak on my Debian box because i've heard good things about both systems.
  Speakup works fine for me but Emacspeak does not. I try to use my
  Apollo synth with Emacspeak after having killed Speakup first.
  (speakup also using Apollo) so my question is: can Speakup and
  Emacspeak coexist happily or should i try using another synth with
  Emacspeak? The thing is that Emacspeak seems to find my Apollo synth
  but i get no speech from it. The strange thing is that i don't get
  any error messages as could be expected, it reports that it's
  operational and all circuits are functioning, so what could be the
  Thanks for any help!

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