New member with a speakup/emacspeak question

Tony Baechler tony at
Tue Mar 30 04:08:21 UTC 2004

Hi.  This is probably not the best way, but the only way I know of to get 
Speakup and Emacspeak to work together is reboot when you want to 
switch.  In other words, your kernel has Speakup patched in and you want to 
use Emacspeak.  Switch to a non-speaking kernel without the Speakup patch, 
reboot, and try Emacspeak.  When you are done, switch back to the Speakup 
kernel.  There are a variety of ways of switching.  I think you can hold 
down the shift while it is booting and a menu will come up if you are using 
lilo.  Of course you will not have speech to read the menu, so you could 
manually edit lilo.conf first.  Either way, make sure to run lilo after 
changing kernels.

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