New member with a speakup/emacspeak question

Tony Baechler tony at
Wed Mar 31 05:52:18 UTC 2004

Hello.  I am not stupid as your comments would imply.  I have been using 
Linux off and on for at least two, maybe three years.  I have st up a 
Debian server for a business.  I am going by my own experience.  I thought 
there was a better way but I wasn't sure what.  I thought it was a little 
odd to have to reboot to switch kernels, but when I tried using both 
Speakup and Emacspeak I could not get it to work otherwise.  I also heard a 
Linux demonstration by Matt Campbell who set up the ACB Radio server which 
described a similar procedure.  I understand that you have the AFB backing 
you, but please don't treat people like idiots.  I frankly admitted that my 
advice was probably wrong and now I have been corrected.

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