religious propaganda

Mario Lang mlang at
Mon May 3 11:04:36 UTC 2004

Jim Stevenson <jims at> writes:

> Is there any way we can get the religious threats of hell tag lines
> off this list?

Sure, configure your mail client to strip them approrpiate, dimwit.
(Hint: Gnus calls this concept a "Banner", just define an appropriate

I thought it was rather obvious that a persons signature is
something personal.  As long as it isn't overly long, I guess
it can be as offensive to whomever as the original author wants it to be.

You know, there is a concept around called Free Speech, I hope
you've heard of that somewhere already.

P.S.: I am not a religious person myself, in fact, I'd even go as far
      as saying that God-believers waste their time and brain with a
      non-existing thing, but I'd never go as far as trying to shut them up.
      Free speech is a fundemanetal concept after all.

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