Installation attempt doesn't resemble documented procedure ... HELP PLEASE.

John Mattioli jmattioli at
Mon May 17 20:41:55 UTC 2004


	Recently I found the document entitled "HOW to Install the
Speakup Modified Red Hat Distribution" and followed the steps outlined
in it as closely as I could.  In the end, I wound up with a system that
isn't talking and seems to be hanging when it attempts to enable the
swap partition.

	A few comments:

1. During installation the system spoke fine using my DECTalk express.

2. I downloaded the fedora images pointed to by this document.  That is,
they didn't come from the standard RedHat distribution site.

3. I have two hard drives in the system and chose to leave hdb alone
while having everything installed on had.  Had is plenty big enough.

4. I elected to let the installation do it's own partitioning.  This may
not be optimal, but it is simplest.  I figured I'd be doing this again
later on, so why worry about the particulars during my first attempt.

5. Although the document says I'll get a choice of lilo or grub and
should choose lilo for better accessibility, I in fact got a choice of
grub or no boot loader.  I chose grub but I'm not sure what bad
implications this has.

6. After installation, when I reboot, nothing is talking.  I used my
optacon to verify that the message about enabling the swap partition is
the last thing on the screen.  Also I attempted to switch consoles but I
only get a blinking cursor on other consoles.  This doesn't really
surprise me as it seems that the system isn't finishing the boot

	Any suggestions on how I might debug this situation would be
very much appreciated!


John R. Mattioli, Jr.
Senior Software Engineer
Kurzweil Educational Systems, Inc.

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