How to open a TCP/IP port?

Mike Gorse mgorse at
Thu May 20 03:47:07 UTC 2004

Hi David,

Look for the bind-address in my.cnf (in /etc/mysql under gentoo).  You'll 
probably see a line line

If you remove or comment this line, then mysql will listen on all 
interfaces, or you could change it to another interface.  It doesn't seem 
to be possible to specify multiple bind addresses, so if you want to have 
it bind to more than one interface but not all interfaces, then you may 
need to use iptables to have the kernel set up some rules.

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On Thu, 20 May 2004, David Renström wrote:

> Hi list members!
> I've isolated the problem of me not being able to remotely connect to my 
> MySQL server. If I use the nmap command to scan port 3306 with the loopback 
> as argument, it works fine (it reports that the port is open). But, if I 
> use the local IP address of the host ( it doesn't. Somehow, 
> the TCP/IP port is blocked. My question is quite simple: How do I open this 
> port? Another question would be why it's closed in the firstplace... :-(
> Please help me solve this problem, cause it's driving me nuts for the moment!!

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