An evening filled with success!

John Mattioli jmattioli at
Thu May 27 15:15:20 UTC 2004


	Thanks for the RPM info, but as it turns out I'm not quite done
with the installation from my point of view.  I haven't had much time to
read, so this question is probably answered someplace obvious.  If so,
forgive me posting here.

	Last night I attempted some basic functions on my system.  Turns
out my network may not be functioning.  I tried pinging google, my
router and a few other places all without success.  This after trying to
point lynx to google and being told it couldn't be found.

	Question: is it possible that Linux noticed my network card,
configured it but didn't start up the network when I booted?  This
shouldn't be a firewall issue since, when asked about firewall
configuration, I elected no firewall.  My router is enough of a firewall
for now.


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