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Mon Nov 8 16:39:52 UTC 2004

Hello, Kristoffer:

Several things to consider:

1.)	Use rpm to manage rpm, or one of the wrapper programs that
assists you in using rpm. My current favorite is yum, and it is provided
for you with Fedora Core.

2.)	Not all of the software TTS engines will work with all of the
screen readers and/or Emacspeak. You must carefully consider what
drivers are available for each audio interface application. In other
words, go at this from the other direction. Consider what software
speech Emacspeak supports, what software speech Yasr supports, and what
software speech Speakup supports, then work on getting those configured
and functioning. You also have one other option for speech in Emacs
called Speech-Dispatcher with Speechd-el. In addition to the Emacspeak
and Yasr pages, which you seem to have already found, you should also
look at:

3.)	It is not easy to build flite correctly, but there are rpm
packages. I'm sorry, but I don't have the address for them. Try using
Google with a search string something like "flite rpm"

Good luck.

Kristoffer Gustafsson writes:
> Hello!
> I need some help with getting speech in linux.
> I have brlttty working with avario 40, but I feel that speech would be
> more comfortable for me since I read slowly.
> but, I have gotten some problems with getting the speech set up.
> first I found festival on my cd.(I'm using fedora core 2)
> I installed this, but hmm, I didn't find any screenreaders that support
> this system.
> Is it possible to use festival with a package such as emacspeak?
> Then I found out that  there was a synthesizer called festival lite, so
> I downloaded this and tried to compile.
> I ran the configure script, but I got some errors saying something about
> main and read only location.
> Why this?
> Also,  when compiling emacspeak 20 I got an error about tetris. is there
> packages I have forgotten to install with fedora?
> The third thing I tried was Dec talk for linux.
> But I couldn't get that to work either, but I'm not interested in that
> speech engine anyway, so the things I want is to get festival  or
> festival lite to work with emacspeak.
> I plan to use yasr, but it seems that I need to install emacspeak before
> yasr in order to get the speech to work.
> oh, while i'm writing is there any good rpm management tools for fedora?
> I have found something called rawhide, but on the homepage it says that
> rawhide is graphical.
> Can I use rawhide anyway, or is there another tool?
> thanks
> kristoffer
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