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Kristoffer Gustafsson skeeter at
Sat Nov 6 22:15:30 UTC 2004

I need some help with getting speech in linux.
I have brlttty working with avario 40, but I feel that speech would be
more comfortable for me since I read slowly.
but, I have gotten some problems with getting the speech set up.
first I found festival on my cd.(I'm using fedora core 2)
I installed this, but hmm, I didn't find any screenreaders that support
this system.
Is it possible to use festival with a package such as emacspeak?
Then I found out that  there was a synthesizer called festival lite, so
I downloaded this and tried to compile.
I ran the configure script, but I got some errors saying something about
main and read only location.
Why this?
Also,  when compiling emacspeak 20 I got an error about tetris. is there
packages I have forgotten to install with fedora?
The third thing I tried was Dec talk for linux.
But I couldn't get that to work either, but I'm not interested in that
speech engine anyway, so the things I want is to get festival  or
festival lite to work with emacspeak.
I plan to use yasr, but it seems that I need to install emacspeak before
yasr in order to get the speech to work.

oh, while i'm writing is there any good rpm management tools for fedora?
I have found something called rawhide, but on the homepage it says that
rawhide is graphical.
Can I use rawhide anyway, or is there another tool?


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