A FreeBSD Question about Putting a Beep in the CSH Prompt

Martin McCormick martin at dc.cis.okstate.edu
Sun Nov 21 02:26:52 UTC 2004

Christian Schoepplein writes:
>And tow other questions: How did you install bsd and is it possible to 
>install the system without sighted help? And is any screenreader with 
>braillesupport available for bsd?

	There is no screen reader for FreeBSD to my knowledge.
If you have a talking serial terminal, you can get FreeBSD to speak to
you by using the following trick when booting up the installation

	You need a keyboard plugged in to the FreeBSD box as well as
the one on your talking terminal.

	You boot the CD and listen for two beeps on the FreeBSD box.
On that keyboard, you need to hit the Space Bar after hearing the two
beeps and then type

boot -h on that keyboard.

	If things are working right, your talking terminal will begin
to read the screen.  When you hear that, you must put down the
keyboard on the FreeBSD box and pick up the keyboard on your talking
terminal.  All interaction from now on is through that keyboard.  That
will let you do your FreeBSD installation.

	It is a full-screen application so you navigate by using the
arrow keys, tab and space bar depending upon what you want to do.

	It is not one of my favorite applications, but a person who is
blind can do an installation if he or she is patient.

	It is certainly no worse than doing a Linux application, just
a little different.

	FreeBSD is a lot like Linux in practice.  It is more
conservative than Linux where security is concerned so FreeBSD makes
good server platforms although both Linux and FreeBSD are dangerous if
you don't take security seriously and quite safe if you do.  A little
paranoia in this business helps.

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