A FreeBSD Question about Putting a Beep in the CSH Prompt

Nigel stoppard at ntlworld.com
Sun Nov 21 14:31:46 UTC 2004

I know YASR is compatible with BSD, but not sure if any work has been done 
to include it as a package.  YASR stands for, yet another screen reader.

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> Christian Schoepplein writes:
>>And tow other questions: How did you install bsd and is it possible to
>>install the system without sighted help? And is any screenreader with
>>braillesupport available for bsd?
> There is no screen reader for FreeBSD to my knowledge.
> If you have a talking serial terminal, you can get FreeBSD to speak to
> you by using the following trick when booting up the installation
> You need a keyboard plugged in to the FreeBSD box as well as
> the one on your talking terminal.
> You boot the CD and listen for two beeps on the FreeBSD box.
> On that keyboard, you need to hit the Space Bar after hearing the two
> beeps and then type
> boot -h on that keyboard.
> If things are working right, your talking terminal will begin
> to read the screen.  When you hear that, you must put down the
> keyboard on the FreeBSD box and pick up the keyboard on your talking
> terminal.  All interaction from now on is through that keyboard.  That
> will let you do your FreeBSD installation.
> It is a full-screen application so you navigate by using the
> arrow keys, tab and space bar depending upon what you want to do.
> It is not one of my favorite applications, but a person who is
> blind can do an installation if he or she is patient.
> It is certainly no worse than doing a Linux application, just
> a little different.
> FreeBSD is a lot like Linux in practice.  It is more
> conservative than Linux where security is concerned so FreeBSD makes
> good server platforms although both Linux and FreeBSD are dangerous if
> you don't take security seriously and quite safe if you do.  A little
> paranoia in this business helps.
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