0 Byte Files?

Mike Gorse mgorse at mgorse.dhs.org
Fri Nov 26 23:07:22 UTC 2004


What type of file system is the directory on, and have you scanned it 
(either with fsck or with scandisk if you're mounting a Windows 
filesystem)?  I would start by doing that if I were you if you haven't 

Your clock issue might be caused by your clock being set for your local 
time but Linux expecting it to be set to gmt.  If not, then it should be 
easy to fix with date -s and hwclock --systohc.

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On Fri, 26 Nov 2004, Hart Larry wrote:

> Hi All:  Some days ago I asked this on blind-l and some individuals, but so far
> no clues.  Either when useing ncftp to download or moving mp3s into a
> sub-directory, all the files become 0 bytes.  This has happened twice.  Could
> this be a false indication, where the files would show up in windows?  I know I
> have other hardware issues such as my pc clock several hours slow--and a d
> drive with a directory which freezes the machine.  Thanks so much in advance
> for any suggestions
> Hart
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