iptables (Re: Connection Refused on ssh)

John J. Boyer director at chpi.org
Sat Oct 9 12:21:49 UTC 2004


Certainly mailing lists and Google are useful, but a friend can be an 
even bigger help.

I'm now on the new computer, doing my email through ssh.

Thanks again,

On Sat, 9 Oct 2004, Cheryl Homiak wrote:

> Well thanks, but there really wasn't anything that smart about it.
> a tip for future reference: I often take portions of my error messages and 
> put them through google. almost without exception, somebody else has 
> posted the same errors somewhere and more often than not somebody else has 
> posted a reply that either solves the problem or puts me on the trail. In 
> this instance, I found a post somewhere that said that if you got "no 
> further authentication methods to try" (I may not have exact wording here) 
> your password authentication was probably disabled. I'd already kind of 
> suspected this because I couldn't really think of any other reason why you 
> wouldn't be asked for a password. So sure enough, I went looking under 
> /etc/ssh and there was a ssh_config and an sshd_config; I looked in both 
> and found the password entry. I hadn't saved your post with the 
> sshd_config but I knew to go to the blinux archives and look for it. There 
> are lots of tools for solving problems and certainly this list is one of 
> them, but never forget that google, your man pages and info pages, and 
> perusal of your conifiguration files are also invaluable helps. That said, 
> there also isn't one of us that doesn't overlook an answer staring us 
> right in the face sometimes--sort of like not being able to proofread 
> one's own work.
> It's also really helpful, when requesting help on a list, to send all the 
> data requested rather than just what you think is applicable. Sending your 
> sshd_config was a great move, but had you sent the full content of your 
> message, maybe even using -v, with the "no authentication methods to try" 
> message, somebody might have figured this out sooner. I saw other 
> instances where people asked for information and you chose only what you 
> decided was relevant--and sometimes, when any of us has a problem, we 
> aren't always good at seeing what is relevant.
> Also be aware that there are other ways besides passwords to set up 
> your ssh system; I don't know what the current thinking is on the 
> advantages and disadvantages of each, but if you are going to use it a 
> lot you may want to look into the various methods and see if one other 
> than password authentication is preferable.
> Not trying to lecture; just good reminders for you, 
> me and anybody else who comes to the list asking for help with a problem.
> I'm REALlY glad you got it solved; I know how horrible a persistent 
> unsolvable problem can be.

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