iptables (Re: Connection Refused on ssh)

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at charter.net
Sat Oct 9 11:34:55 UTC 2004

Well thanks, but there really wasn't anything that smart about it.
a tip for future reference: I often take portions of my error messages and 
put them through google. almost without exception, somebody else has 
posted the same errors somewhere and more often than not somebody else has 
posted a reply that either solves the problem or puts me on the trail. In 
this instance, I found a post somewhere that said that if you got "no 
further authentication methods to try" (I may not have exact wording here) 
your password authentication was probably disabled. I'd already kind of 
suspected this because I couldn't really think of any other reason why you 
wouldn't be asked for a password. So sure enough, I went looking under 
/etc/ssh and there was a ssh_config and an sshd_config; I looked in both 
and found the password entry. I hadn't saved your post with the 
sshd_config but I knew to go to the blinux archives and look for it. There 
are lots of tools for solving problems and certainly this list is one of 
them, but never forget that google, your man pages and info pages, and 
perusal of your conifiguration files are also invaluable helps. That said, 
there also isn't one of us that doesn't overlook an answer staring us 
right in the face sometimes--sort of like not being able to proofread 
one's own work.

It's also really helpful, when requesting help on a list, to send all the 
data requested rather than just what you think is applicable. Sending your 
sshd_config was a great move, but had you sent the full content of your 
message, maybe even using -v, with the "no authentication methods to try" 
message, somebody might have figured this out sooner. I saw other 
instances where people asked for information and you chose only what you 
decided was relevant--and sometimes, when any of us has a problem, we 
aren't always good at seeing what is relevant.

Also be aware that there are other ways besides passwords to set up 
your ssh system; I don't know what the current thinking is on the 
advantages and disadvantages of each, but if you are going to use it a 
lot you may want to look into the various methods and see if one other 
than password authentication is preferable.
Not trying to lecture; just good reminders for you, 
me and anybody else who comes to the list asking for help with a problem.

I'm REALlY glad you got it solved; I know how horrible a persistent 
unsolvable problem can be.


"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

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