Iptables and Logins at boot-up

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Sun Oct 10 22:05:49 UTC 2004

John J. Boyer writes:
> Janina,
> Sorry too, but that didn't work. Looking at the /etc/hosts.allow file I 
> see that I did carry out the instructions you gave earlier. However, the 
> only way I can get into this machine with ssh is to stop iptables. 

Have you rerun the Firewall script? It's a fairly simple way to set up iptables on RH8 to allow SSH. Do:


and arrow down to choose "Firewall,"
then "run tool."

You'll want to be careful to choose "Customize" and then to check the box for ssh before pressing OK on the Customization subscreen, then OK a second time for the main screen.

This should rewrite your rules more appropriately.

I'm afraid I don't follow your concerns about FC2 or what you're asking about Debian. Would you please explain again?

If it's the download time, it's true that there are just under 3 Gb of iso file to retrieve. Clearly, you that might take some time if you don't have a fast net connection.

I recommend using rsync to get the files to ensure you get a true copy:

rsync -avz bumpy.braille.uwo.ca::ftp/speakup/disks/fedora/current/FC2-i386-disc?.iso .

If you have the room and can do this somewhere on /home, you won't need to burn cd roms. Also, installing from iso files on your hard drive is the fastest way to install.

You will need to create something to boot from--though floppy boots are no longer supported. You could do it from a cd rom, a usb drive (if that works on this computer), or even by putting the boot kernel on your hd in /boot (but.


> Fortunately, my LAN is behind a firewall. I'll have to see how good it is.
> I'm thinking seriously of downloading the CF2 disks from Speakup, but I'm 
> a bit concerned about the download tioe. Is there anything like Debian's 
> jigdo? Will I have to make floppies to use brltty during the installation?
> Thanks,
> John
> On Sun, 10 Oct 2004, Janina Sajka wrote:
> > John J. Boyer writes:
> > > Cheryl,
> > > 
> > > I think I'll wait for fc3. What I want right now is step-by-step 
> > > instructions on how to change the iptable rules to let a single IP address 
> > > use ssh.
> > 
> > I am very sorry, but I said the wrong file in my last post on this subject. You want to edit /etc/hosts.allow and do:
> > 
> > sshd: [ip.address]
> > 
> > PS: I did explain this earlier this week in this thread, too.
> > 
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