How similar is commercial Linux?

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Fri Oct 15 18:48:15 UTC 2004

Oh, I should add that you probably won't have any trouble using Red Hat 
Advanced Server if you are already familiar with original Red Hat . The 
only thing that is different as far as I know is the way it loads the 
firewall. (I can give you more details on that if you'd like.)

As far as which programs it uses... Well, a year ago, AS was using 
approximately the same versions as RH 7.3. So it was kind of a step 
backwards from RH 9. But theydid that for stability reasons. RH AS is at 
about the same version on most things as debian stable (woody).

For instance, a few months ago, I installed emacspeak on my RH AS box at 
work and my debian box at home.  up2date --install emacspeak installed 17.0 
and so did apt-get install emacspeak.

At 12:16 PM 10/15/2004, Lee Maschmeyer you wrote:
>Hi all,
>When our site discontinued its 35+ year use of IBM mainframe-based 
>software for its administrative tasks, it switched to Solaris. At the 
>time, brltty ran only on Linux, and since Sun-Linux docs said it would be 
>patterned after Red Hat 7, I installed Red Hat on my home and work computers.
>Now we're starting to investigate Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and since I'm 
>literally the only one around here who uses Linux of any sort they're 
>asking me a lot of questions.
>How portable is my experience with Red Hat versions from 8 to Fedora 2 
>(soon to include Fedora 3 which is slated for release ca. November 1)? Is 
>Enterprise Linux Desktop about comparable to Fedora, 4 CDs etc? Does 
>anybody know how big Enterprise Linux AS is and how the file layouts and 
>included products compare?
>Thanks much for any info,
>Lee Maschmeyer
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