SV: SV: kernel and braille displays

Dave Mielke dave at
Wed Oct 20 13:02:58 UTC 2004

[quoted lines by Gustafsson Kristoffer (elev) on 2004/10/20 at 13:52 +0200]

>The reason why I need a statically linked binary is that I have difficulties
>with the configure script. I want to have a brltty with braille voyager and a
>brltty with Vario since I have both displays.

If you want to build both drivers into the brltty binary then, when
configuring, specify:


You don't need to build them in, though. The dfault is to build all drivers as
dynamically loadable. Then, just specify the driver you want, via brltty's -b
option, and that driver will be loaded.

>I want to be able to put them on floppy to carry them over from one to another

Why don't you just install brltty on both computers?

>However, I have tried and tried, but I haven't managed to build the
>driver into the brltty binary or make it statically linked.

If you really want a statically linked brltty binary, then specify: 


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