Guy Abandon. text.tools at virgin.net
Wed Sep 22 18:56:47 UTC 2004

I did indeed get the missing library and make all that and then indeed
having got latest source of this program, made that too.  It all works well
now and thank for those suggestions.

That was the quick bit; the manual is something and has taken the rest of
the day.

Is there, or would the author consider a quick reference guide to the
program simply listing all available command (despite duplication with ED!)
and brief description of what the sample does.  We can take each and play
with it until the function is understood and then move on.  The -h command
line parameter could have done this perhaps, or indeed have it as a built-in
function to gain access to the quick basics from within the program.  It
would make a good program a heck of a lot etter....    for the learner for


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