missing shared libraries

Guy Abandon. text.tools at virgin.net
Wed Sep 22 10:25:51 UTC 2004

Ok, I'll take good advice and compile source loike a good boy.

Meahwhile, a shortcut to digging through all documentaiton - is there a
single text file or section, that is a quick reference guide to the command
set and even  a syntax chart with examples;  like this command does this
actions;  I find this works better than any amount of blow by blow
description of what keys are pressed in what sequence and all that.  If I
see a worked example and see it works; then lay with it;  the hands-on
approach is a faster learn than flat reading.

I would like to tinker with this;  could be a useful addition or alternative
for the Oralux CD maybe - the quickest shortest route to get the basics.


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