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Mon Sep 27 17:37:32 UTC 2004

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On Mon, Sep 27 2004 at 12:10:19PM -0500, Brent Harding wrote:
> Is there an easy way to copy and paste part of previous lines in to the
> commandline with speakup? I tried the numpad / with numlock off at the
> beginning of the part I want to copy, then hit it again at the end, typed in
> the paste command thing, and it didn't work. I'm trying to use it on a scifi
> mud where you have to type in long coordinates after you use a scan command
> to find what you're looking for. I normally play with standard telnet, but I
> thought speakup has a copy function, but it actually says cut, which
> probably messes things up.

By "paste command thingy" do you mean insert+slash? When speakup says
cut it is really just copying. The text is still on the screen after you
use speakup's cut&paste. What version of speakup are you using? I can't
remember exactly when c/p was put in, but it didn't work in some older
versions of CVS speakup.

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