Most suitable linux distro for a blind linux newbie?

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Tue Aug 9 18:47:55 UTC 2005

if you install the speakup 2.6 kirnel will speak up not run?
I don't have a hardware synth but want the 2.6 kirnel
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> Hi Samuel,
> On Sun, Aug 07, 2005 at 07:56:52PM +0200, Samuel Thibault wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Larissa Naber, le Sun 07 Aug 2005 07:17:52 +0200, a écrit :
>> > My friend Yasemin, who is blind, wants to give Linux a spin. Now I'm
>> > looking for a suiteable distro. Although I have plenty of Linux
>> > experience my knowledge concerning making linux work for ablind person
>> > is somewhat limited. As of now, I spectaculariy failed to make my
>> > emacspeak speak. Most of my own maschines are running either gentoo or
>> > slackware and I used Suse in the past.
> Debian is a great choice. I quote here from a posting by Shane Wagner a
> short while ago:
> Hello all,
> The speakup enabled Debian network installation CD for
> Debian 3.1r0a (Sarge) is now available.  The iso can be
> downloaded from
> The readme.txt in the download directory or README.speakup
> on the CD itself will explain how to get the install
> started with speakup but is the same as in previous
> versions.
> There are a few machines which will not install with the
> standard install kernel so a speakup26 boot target was
> added to the CD to install with a 2.6 version of the
> kernel.  This is needed to install Debian on some newer
> sata controllers which linux 2.4 doesn't detect.  It is the
> equivalent of using the linux26 target.  Note that
> speakup26 will by default also install a 2.6 kernel onto
> the target system which is also speakup enabled.
> Bug reports are always welcome.
> Shane
>> >
>> > I believe that a distro with a bsd like port system such as debian or
>> > gentoo is easiest to handle for a newbie. As gentoo tends to be a bit
>> > volatile, I probably would rather pick a debian stable release. Anybody
>> > out there using debian?
> I switched from Slackware to Debian a couple of months back, and I
> recognize the names of a number of other blind Debian users on this list
> as well. The speakup solution is a good one, but it works best with a
> hardware synth. Another solution is a user-space program called "YASR"
> but I have not used it. The trouble with emacspeak is that the user has
> to learn emacs, and your newby may prefer a simpler suite of
> applications such as mutt and elinks.
> Chuck
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