problem with debian installer

Sauro Cesaretti sauro.cesaretti at
Sat Aug 20 00:39:51 UTC 2005

I have one problem with debian installer.
I tried to install the debian sarge, I created the boot and
root disks for braille support,
but when I completed the
first stage of the installation, I didn't know
which kernel I had to install.
does I must install the kernel-speakup or one normal kernel?
I tried to instal the speakup kernel but when I restarted the machine,
the system didn't view nothing on the
braille display.
I checked also the parameter on the grub config 
file, and I saw that the kernel ceceived as parameter,
brltty=ts,,it, I hope that all is correct,but it didn't work.
Another important problem is that, during the
first stage of installation,
the program said that that the kernel
of my boot disks didn't match with
the kernel that I have on the installation
What is the problem?
Thanks in advance for all information.
Yours Sincerely.
Sauro Cesaretti.

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