minicom (was "Program for communicating with Deaf relay Services")

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Thu Jan 13 16:31:32 UTC 2005

> Does minicom probe all possible ports like wvdialconf does?

Not automatically.  I didn't know about wvdialconf (well, I've 
heard of it, but hadn't invesigated what it did or what it was 
for).  Very nice!  Thanks for the pointer!  (pops over to his 
Linux box and reads through man pages for "wvdialconf" and "wvdial")

With minicom, you use the config menus which are pretty simple to 
navigate.  It's a bit of a pain when run within a "screen" 
session, as they both use the same escape key (control+A) unless 
you override one or the other.


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