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Thu Jan 13 13:38:53 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I bought a new computer on Sunday. One of the reasons I chose it is that 
they said it has two hard drives already installed, so I figured I'd just 
reformat one of them to hold Linux (Fedora as of now). The "expert" at the 
store assured me that if I did this Windows would no longer see that disk 
and wouldn't mess with it.

It turns out that the "disk" is a RAID (Promise 2+0 approximately). When I 
tried to install Linux last night, both FC2 and 3 said there were no hard 
disks, or at the very least that there were none Linux could use. They 
didn't even ask if I wanted to remove non-Linux partitions.

Does anybody know about these? Is it possible to turn them into two separate 
disks, or is it possible to partition it to make room for some EXT3 systems? 
Note that the Red Hat Hardware Compatibility List is about two years old and 
thus of very questianable value.


Lee Maschmeyer
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