Gentoo experience

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Tue Jan 25 21:42:18 UTC 2005

I used a Knoppix cd with brltty; I believe the speakup site also still 
a speakup-adapted knoppix so you also might be able to do this with 
that speakupmodifed knoppix 
if you like. There are instructions for installing gentoo using 
knoppix--mostly the same as normal but a few extra things to do. By 
using knoppix, even after I chrooted into the system, I was able to keep 
console open to the website with the handbook and thus look at the steps 
as I performed them. The only real problem I've had so far is that 
gentoo's version of brltty which you won't use until after installing, 
uses /usr/bin and /usr/lib instead of /bin and /lib; this is a problem if 
want brltty early in boot; in fact, I'm still trying to get it to work 
started from inittab even using the regular non-gentoo version from the 
brltty website. Also, the gentoo brltty wants to add gpm when it 
installs--whether it actually configures with gpm I'm not sure. you can 
avoid it if you don't want gpm with the -gpm flag. But I had no problem 
with the install and speakup is already in the gentoo-dev-sources and I 
think the gentoo-sources. Also, if you want realplayer for trlplayer I had 
to do some 
unmasking and some other things; I wrote about it when I did it either in 
the speakup or blinux list so it should be in those archives. I also had 
trouble getting gentoo's mplayer to work for me and did my own install of 
that; this might have been because I allowed it to install with X but I'm 
not sure. of course, you don't need to work on your audio until after you 
have installed and rebooted.


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