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Tue Jan 25 23:20:37 UTC 2005

Hi.  When I installed Gentoo, I had a lynx session in one console
reading the handbook while I followed it's instructions in another.  The
livecd had speakup on it, so it was easy to get speakup running with a
speakup_synth=synth parameter during boot.
I can't help with any specific questions now, because I finally decided
to make that box a Debian system.  I have a lot more experience with
Debian and decided to keep my boxes running the same distro.

Hope this helps.
On Tue, Jan 25, 2005 at 02:24:58PM -0500, Jason Castonguay wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I am looking into installing Gentoo Linux.  I have begun reading the 
> installation handbook available within their documentation and it sounds 
> fascinating.  One problem I have, however, is that there seem to be so 
> many steps.  Although I have no problem following directions, I thought 
> the installation process would be something one could memorize.  Perhaps 
> I need to keep a quick reference on hand during installation?  It does 
> appear, however, that once installed, a person would probably not have 
> to go through that again since they can use the `emerge' utility to keep 
> their system updated.
> So, I just want to hear some thoughts or ideas from others who may have 
> tried this distribution.  Was speakup easy to get going during 
> installation?  What about brltty?
> Thanks for any and all feedback.
> Best regards,
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