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Herzog herzog at
Mon Jul 11 23:46:05 UTC 2005

Hey, I thought I was replying off list.
Don't get the idea that the Great stuff worked that great with the old 
screen reader.
I only used it to read  E-mail to a blind person.

Herzog wrote:

> Yes, the darn thing just keeps chugging along, needing only clock 
> batteries.  20 Meg hard disk was rarely near full.
> I still use it as never got to removing or editing all the stuff I had 
> on it.  It didn't have 3 and a half floppy.
> Heck, I even have my apple 2, and all programs, Probably forgot how to 
> use appleworks, and visicalc. the GREAT stuff!
> hank smith wrote:
>> yeeeee  was that a 386 or something?
>> I have one of those thingys the old 386 sitting up in my closit 
>> hasn't been booted up sense like 1992 don't even know if it will even 
>> boot ever sense y2k it had those 2 floppy drives the bigger one and 
>> then the 3 and a half ench ones
>> thanks
>> hank

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