Use Cygwin (was: Re: Braille output for Tiger)

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Mon May 2 08:38:15 UTC 2005

A good way to get your feet wet with Linux is to install Cygwin
( It's a free Red Hat product that gives you a fair
subsection of Linux under Windows. I use it at home since Linux can't
see my disk (a Stripe0/RAID). Using it I've got a lot of Linux
available as well as things on Windows that Linux doesn't have such as
OCR. There are a few bumps but it ain't bad.

On Mon, May 02, 2005 at 03:26:40PM +0800, Ian Blackburn wrote:
> I am only a interested person a man in Perth WA is working on it Tom
> Armington is working with nfbtrans 
> I am trying to get people to work together so there is less duplocation
> of effort I don't use linux yet cant get it yet and I think I  need help
> to learn it.  
> I a am stuck with M$ windows and JFW at the moment here at work and at
> home I still have a m$ machine but  later will get a MAC because I feel
> A$ has a better attitude 


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