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Thanks to all for the useful answers.

On Do, Mai 12, 2005 at 10:38:40 -0500, Tim Chase wrote:
>>possible to add new lines in a textarea with lynx.
>This came from lynx's help, in the "Line Editor" section:
>Special commands for use only in textarea fields:
>  Textarea external edit  - Ctrl-X e
>  Insert file in textarea - Ctrl-X i
>  Grow textarea           - Ctrl-X g
>Sounds like control+X followed by "g" will do what you want.

CTRL+X followed by "g" does nothing at all on my system :-(.

>However, if you prefer to use an external editor, control+X
>followed by "e" will allow you more control over editing the
>contents of the text box.  IIRC, it uses vi/vim by default unless
>you've overridden that by setting your EDITOR environment
>variable to your favorite editor.  Being a vi guy, I'm happy with
>its default settings. (grin)

Hehe, I'm happy with this setting too ;-). vim rules *g*. However, 
allthoug CTRL+X followd by "e" opens vi with the text in the textarea it 
would be nice, if I could do this with only a single keycombination, for 
example CTRL+e. Is this possible too?

>Hope this helps you,

Yes, that helped very much. Thx again!


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