Getting started

John Heim jheim at
Sun Nov 6 04:00:43 UTC 2005

At 06:21 PM 11/4/2005, you wrote:
>I plan to install Linux on a 21 GB harddrive.
>I have some questions, which I hope someone can answer.
>         What distribution should I use?

Am I to understand that you have no linux experience at the moment? Since 
you don't have a hardware synth, I think you should start with Oralux. If 
you can boot from a CD, you will be running linux in literally 2 minutes. 
(Probably, if Oralux recognizes your sound card.)

If you had a hardware synth, I'd suggest speakup.

>Is it possible to get my Braille Voyager functioning durring the installation?
>And/or, is it possible to get speech?
>I don't have an external synth, so it must be via the sound card.

I believe you will need either:
1. Another machine that already has speech (this can be a Windows PC) and a 
null-modem cable
2. A hardware synth.

>Witch programs are the best for:
>* Mail
>* News
>* Web browsing
>* Listening to diffrent kinds of multimedia.
>* IRC
>* Speech
>* Sound recording/editing
>* OCR
>* CD-recording

Well, I can answer the last one... To record CDs in linux, you use 
cdrecord.  That's true even if you can see.

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