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T. Joseph CARTER knghtbrd at bluecherry.net
Mon Nov 14 23:20:47 UTC 2005

If someone would like a person who is actually blind to find out more
about this project, I am both blind and a student at the University of
Oregon.  I heard about this last week and promptly went to a conference
the next day, so I haven't had the opportunity to follow up yet.

On Mon, Nov 14, 2005 at 01:15:39PM -0800, University of Oregon wrote:
> /We have corrected an email problem, please respond to the email 
> addresses below rather than those in the previous email. Sorry for the 
> inconvenience and thank you again for your participation./
> This is a second request for survey responses. In addition to OM 
> instructors, this time we are seeking input from anyone who is blind or 
> partially sighted as well as anyone who makes or wants to be able to 
> easily make tactile maps. But we also seek input from people who 
> navigate or teach navigation (formally or informally – i.e. parents) 
> without tactile maps.
> We have received funding from the National Science Foundation (grant 
> #HRD-0533251) to create *Tactile Mapping Software* that will be 
> available as a FREE download to teachers, parents, or anyone who wants 
> to use it. This project is entirely NON-profit and the resulting 
> software will only be as useful as the input we receive from you.
> This survey will help us identify features that may be important to 
> symbolize and include in the software. We ask that you answer three 
> short questions, which should take approximately 5 minutes. Please send 
> to our email (tactmaps at uoregon.edu <mailto:tactmaps at uoregon.edu>). Also, 
> please forward this survey to anyone who may be interested in 
> participating. Thank You!
> If you do not wish to participate, simply discard the questionnaire. 
> Responses will be completely anonymous; your name will not appear 
> anywhere on the survey. Completing and returning the questionnaire 
> constitutes your consent to participate.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Please Answer the Following Questions:
>   1. List *any and all* environmental features necessary for
>      blind/partially sighted navigation, especially what KIND of landmarks.
>   2. If you make maps, list your method(s) of tactile map production
>      (swell paper, TIGER embosser, collage…). If you use more than one,
>      indicate percentage of use of each method.
>   3. If you make maps, what is your position or reason for producing
>      tactile maps?
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Keep this letter for your records. If you have any questions regarding 
> the research, contact Amy Lobben, Department of Geography, University of 
> Oregon, 541-346-4566. If you have any questions regarding your rights as 
> a research subject, please contact the Office of Human Subjects 
> Compliance at the University of Oregon at (541) 346-2510. Thank you 
> again for your help.
> For more information on this project, please contact Amy Lobben at 
> tactmaps at uoregon.edu <mailto:tactmaps at uoregon.edu>
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