How about PacMate braille display?

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Tue Oct 11 18:06:23 UTC 2005

I got display alone with brltty 3.7. Often I roll down the wheel but the 
braille window move up.

On Tue, 11 Oct 2005, Lee Maschmeyer wrote:

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> Subject: Re: How about PacMate braille display?
> The whiz wheels don't always register but should not fail completely. My PAC 
> Mate display has always worked well, within that context, including the w h i 
> z whiz wheels. Do you have brltty 3.7? 3.6 also worked well, though. Of 
> course, the PAC Mate unit itself with the display attached cannot be used by 
> brltty. Do the whiz wheels work on the PAC Mate but not brltty or did you get 
> only the display?
> Sometimes I have to roll a wheel as many as 4 clicks before it does its 
> thing, but it eventually does do it. Usually they work the first time, 
> though.
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