braillified installer of fc4

Artur Rutkowski ldfura at
Sat Oct 15 11:18:24 UTC 2005

Hi all!
Tomorrow I'll probably install the fedora comre 4. I have some questions 
concerning this installation.

1. I'll use the braillified installer of fedora. I am using the Braille Lite 
millenium 20 braille display. What do I have to type when the installer 
2. I don't have the serial port in my laptop. I am useing the serial 
converter connected to usb port that makes the serial port available. Does 
the installer handles these converters? What the command do I have to type 
to use the blm20 with this serial converter during installation? When I run 
the brltty on installed system i type: brltty -b braille-dipslay -s 
ttyUSB0 -t braille-table.
Thanks from advance.

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