Some Nano Questions?

Dave Mielke dave at
Wed Apr 19 17:16:10 UTC 2006

[quoted lines by Hart Larry on 2006/04/19 at 09:22 -0700]

>how can I run a global search-and-replace?  The manual implies a 
>function kee which I don't have such as f14?

Start a search, as usual, by pressing CTRL-W. At any point during the prompt
for the search string, press CTRL-R. This turns it into a search and replace. 
After pressing enter at the end of the search string, you'll be prompted for
the replace string. Enter it and press enter. The editor then scans through the
file for each occurrence of the search string. At each point it asks you if it
should do a replace. Press y for yes, n for no, or a for all.

>is their a way like world-perfect where I can block text  and 
>move it to another file?

Mark the beginning of the block with CTRL-^. Mark the end of the block with
CTRL-K, which will also delete it. The block is now in the cut buffer. If you
didn't want to delete it, then immediately, without moving the cursor, press
CTRL-U to put it back. Then switch to the other file, go to the character just
after where you want the block to be pasted in, and press CTRL-U.

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